Family Mediators' Association of the Cape


FAMAC has its origins in FAMSA Western Cape, where an interest group was formed in 1988 to look into the possibility of offering a divorce/family mediation service. (This was prompted by a request for a talk on divorce mediation).


Initial training was held in Cape Town for a group of lawyers and mental health practitioners, and CAAM was formed (the Cape Association of Mediators).


In 1992 FAMSA hosted Lisa Parkinson and Henry Brown of the Family Mediators' Association in the UK who presented a 40-hour co-mediation training for 12 lawyers and 12 mental health practitioners, and FAMSA National Council invited John Haynes from the USA, and he trained in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.


Lisa and Henry returned in 1994 to present another basic training and advanced training for the first group, following which CAAM became FAMAC (Family Mediators' Association of the Cape). From 1996 FAMAC took over the FMA training model and became autonomous.

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