Facilitation / Parenting Co Ordination Training 2019

The  Facilitation / Parenting Co-ordination Training will be held on the following dates:

Thursday – 18 July //   09h00 – 17h00
Friday –      19 July //   09h00 – 17h00
Saturday –  20 July //   09h00 – 17h00
Friday –       26 Jully //  09h00 – 17h00
Saturday –   27 July //   09h00 – 17h00

Venue: The Law Clinic, Stellenbosch

Cost: TBA  (50% deposit only to be paid on approval of said application).
 Prices are subject to change due to catering requirements.
(Deposit not refundable if cancelled less than two weeks prior to the training)prices are subject to change due to catering requirements.

Note: Cost includes documentation, tea/coffee and meals. It is essential to attend every session over the two weeks.

Payment can be paid over to:

Absa Bank - Wynberg
Branch Code: 505 309
Account No: 1009660531
Reference: Your name + (training you will be attending)
Kindly complete the attached application form and send back to me.
Aims of the Facilitation/Parenting Coordination Course

We invite all legal and mental health professionals to register for Facilitation/Parenting Coordination Training.

Facilitation/Parenting Coordination was developed to reduce post-divorce litigation, offering the parties a forum to discuss disputes regarding the implementation of the parenting plan.

The qualifications and experience required of the of the Facilitator/Parenting Coordinator and the powers of the Facilitator/Parenting Coordinator are mandated in the Final Order of Divorce/Consent Paper. 

The Facilitator/Parenting Coordinator is appointed following the Court Order either by agreement between both parties or by the chairman for the time being of FAMAC.


Main Course content

Theoretical and practical training

Defining and unpacking Facilitation/Parenting Coordination

Understanding court mandates

How to prepare for a Facilitation/Parenting Coordination session

Judicial Thinking

Professional relationship and rapport

Decision making

Dealing with the extended family

Dealing with high conflict

Writing directives


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