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FAMAC Mediation Conference 2018


The FAMAC Mediation Conference took place on 26 & 27 September 2018 at the Radisson Blu Le Vendome Hotel in Sea Point.

Speaker PowerPoint Slides listed according to presentations:

Robert Simon - Keeping cognitive bias and impact bias from leading you astray 


Leentjie de Jong - Mediation legislation around the world; a variety of options for South Africa

David Butler - The need to revise the prohibition on the arbitrability of matrimonial disputes in South Africa arbitration law; 

                              possible solutions.

Shirin Ebrahim - Parent focussed rather than child-focussed judgements and reports, a family advocate's perspective


Julia Sloth-NielsenChildren's Act Amendment Bill 2018

*  Larissa Panieri-Peter - Identifying risk as it can arise in the mediation (e.g.suicide and homicide)

Birgit Schlegel - Childhood ADHD in a greater family context with a special emphasis on marital discord and divorce


Janet Bytheway - What I learned from neuroscience about working with high conflict families

Tatiana van Rijswijk-Koot - Accelerate by decelerating, circular leadership: the new leadership method

                                                   in working for people

Helen Douglas - Wisdom in mediation - 3 streams of consciousness

Bernard Altman - Defining mental and psychological health

Hilary Linton - Empowering parents and families through interest-based mediation and facilitative parenting coordination


Deborah Segrott - Collaborative divorce

Julia Anderssen - Parenting coordination

Lizzy Picker - Yes, there are ethics in family law!

Kamlesh Ker - Ethics in mediation

Lynette Roux - Child participation in parenting coordination

Jaap Scholten - Mediation in the workplace - the Millenium edition

Katy Caldis - Mindsets, moonshots and manure

Judy Gathercole - Beyond mediation and conciliation - moving forward

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